“Te ein venn” is recorded in the Mainframe Recording studio in Nashville. This is the second time that Anne Kristin uses this studio, and she is very satisfied with the engineer Nathan Smith. Tim Thompson also did a great job, like he did last time, by finding the best musicians in Nashville, to make the record as good as possible.


In an intense work period Anne Kristin and brother Bjørn-Peder recorded 29 songs in three different studios.  They had great help from professional Nashville musicians and relative, co-producer and singer Bertil Bertelsen. This has left its mark on the CD’s. Yes that’s right; the CD’s. Anne Kristin and her brother Bjørn-Peder are releasing their CD’s on the same day the 4th of May 2012. What probably is a small world sensation!


“Te ein venn” contains 13 new songs, all wrapped up in a 24-page booklet with lyrics and pictures. The lyrics are important to Anne Kristin. Love of nature and the family comes to know in her songs.


Anne Kristin has been a solo artist since 1989. She has played in numerous bands since she was very young. In 1987, she appeared on an album with a dance band, 1989, her first release with her own songs called “Tanka about life”. I 1993 and 2002 she released two country albums, both recorded in Nashville. Anne Kristin had videos on Country Music television Nashville, and has appeared on national radio and television shows.





To the listeners:


Through life, I met a lot of great people. I am so incredibly grateful because I met you. Thank you for what you gave me, and thank you for taking the time to listen to my music! Hope my songs are giving joy and reflection!


I dedicate this albom to you dear mother!


A special thanks to Bjørn-Peder and Bertil for the great work, to Jorun for the layout and to my dear Rolf who always supports me.


Special thanks to my friends in Nashville, for the great job and friendship!


Hugs from Anne Kristin